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Pharmaceutical products

Italian Devices is an Italian pharmaceutical company with own headquarters in Rome.

Since many years, Italan Devices  markets and distributes a wide range of well-known pharmaceutical ethical products in the Italian market and abroad.

Italian Devices also engaged in the development and registration of new products as well as new Dossier of pharmaceuticals products.

In the relevant section you can find the list of products marketed and distributed in Italy.


Medical devices

Recently the company committed to research, development and licensing of innovative  medical devices, biomedical products, and skin cosmetics, based on original scientific concepts and innovative technology, and patented worldwide.

Our commitment is focused on the research, development, production, industrialization, and the subsequent licensing and international marketing of products mainly for topical use and dermatology, which are based on our own patents accepted in Europe and in the USA.

In the relevant section you can find the list of the products developed.


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